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1. The Society allows transfer of member-ship. The members and the transferee shall have to personally appear in the office of society before the secretary of the society or any officer authorized on behalf and shall present the documents detailed below: -

a. A transfer application form (duely filled in) addressed to the society requesting for transfer of his membership or his share and interest in the society. Three signatures and thumb impression be affixed on the application in front of the authorized officer. (Available from the office of the society Annexure-“A” Page 1Page 2).

b. Affidavit on an Rs.10/- non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure-“B”) duly attested by the Oath Commissioner/Notary Public/First Class Magistrate affixed.

c. Original Provisional Allotment letter / transfer letter for relinquishment and cancellation so that new letter be issued in the name of the transferee. The transferee shall also surrender the original possession certificate, if issued, for further handing over to the transferee.

d. Photostat copy of National Identity Cards of transferrer, transferee and witnesses duly attested by the Oath Commissioner/First Class Magistrate/Notary Public.

e. Undertaking by the transferee on Rs.10/- non-judicial stamp paper (Annexure-“C”) duly attested by the Oath Commissioner/First Class Magistrate/Notary Public for the timely remittance of the remaining payments (if any) and further to abide by laws and decisions of the Managing Committee.

f. The members living abroad or unable to appear in person in the society office can get their membership transferred through Genral Power of attorney dulely registered with the registrar’s office. In case the Genral Power of attorney issued by the Pakistani embassy in any country, the same has to be attested by the foreign ministry as Islamabad and also to be registered with the registrar office.

g. Transferee will pay transfer charges as per (Annexure-D).


2.       Application form duly filled in is also to be attached (Annexure-E) .


Note: - Cutting/over-writing in the contents and partially handwritten/typed documents will not be accepted.